Personal Care Services

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important to the mental and physical well being of everyone of all ages. AHC helps clients look and feel their best. Personal Care 4

Mobility Assistance

Being active offers both physical and mental health benefits to our clients. Whether it is going outside for a walk or a stroll around the house AHC will assist clients as needed with mobility to help them maintain an active lifestyle.

Transfer and Positioning

If your loved one is confined to a bed or wheelchair AHC is trained to move and position clients to the correct position to promote safety and proper functions of the body.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

AHC cares for our clients and strives to help them maintain their dignity and self-esteem with the activities of daily living. We help lessen our clients anxiety associated with loss of independence related to incontinence and the need for toileting assistance.Companion Care 2

Help with Feeding

As limitations evolve feeding oneself may become a challenge. AHC can help turn mealtime into an enjoyable social time as well as ensuring the client enjoys a well-balanced meal.

Respite Care

Family caregivers sometimes need assistance as well. AHC offers respite care giving, providing family caregivers time to run their own personal errands, rest & relax, or keep their own busy schedule. Additionally, our Workplace Assistance Program™ allows you to remain productive at work – without using valuable vacation time, sick time, or taking a leave of absence – while our qualified caregivers care for your loved ones.

We put good people to work, taking care of good people.™.