Companion Care Services


We provide each of our clients with specialized, compassionate, caring companionship as well as assistance with a wide variety of home and personal hygiene tasks. Our caring companionship and additional services are designed to emphasize the human connection that helps clients continue to strive for independence and maintain a sense of wellbeing, despite age or physical limitations. AHC can provide company and engage your loved one in conversation, play a game or help with a hobby.Companion Care

Meal Prep

Nutrition and eating a well-balanced meal is very important for our clients. AHC will prepare; or help our clients prepare, delicious, hot, nutritious meals according to their ability.


AHC will provide these services to meet the client’s preferences and frequency.

Personal Care Services | At Home CareHousekeeping

These services include vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors, bathrooms, kitchens, organizing closets, and the general upkeep of any room in the interior of the home.


AHC maintains comprehensive insurance and will transport our clients to Dr. appointments, therapy, grocery store, shopping centers, hair appointments, or wherever the client wants or needs to go. AHC will stay with the client during their trips, ensuring their comfort and safety at all times.

Medication Reminders

Making sure our clients take their medicine in a timely fashion is very important. AHC cannot administer medications, but we can assist with opening medication containers, reading labels and regularly remind our clients when it is time take their medications.

Live-In Care

AHC has staff that will live-in the clients home to provide home care on a daily basis. Our Live-In care plans are customized to meet each individual situation.Live-in Care

24 Hour Care

AHC can provide care around the clock, attentive care. We will work with the family & client to provide the most appropriate schedule. Like our Live-In plans, our 24 Hour Care plans are customized to meet each client’s circumstance.

Respite Care

Family caregivers sometimes need assistance as well. AHC offers respite care giving, providing family caregivers time to run their own personal errands, rest & relax, or keep their own busy schedule. Additionally, our Workplace Assistance Program™ allows you to remain productive at work – without using valuable vacation time, sick time, or taking a leave of absence – while our qualified caregivers care for your loved ones.

We put good people to work, taking care of good people.™.