Do You Know What Type of Care Your Loved One Needs?

We understand that your loved one has very specific personal in-home care service needs. We tailor our services to fit those unique needs and we frequently revisit any new care your loved one might need along the way. We provide a wide range of in-home care services including:

1.Personal Care Services | At Home Care Companionship and emotional support. Our providers will keep your loved one company and help with basic necessities. If your loved one is lonely and just needs someone to talk with on a regular basis, we can provide that.

2. Personal care assistance. Our providers can help your loved one with basic grooming and hygiene needs if they can no longer do these things for themselves. We can bathe them, dress them, and help keep them clean and well groomed.

3. Household chores. If your loved one cannot lift or do manual labor of any sort; if they cannot drive or go any distance from their home by themselves, our in-home care services can help. We can do errands for them, do their shopping or take them shopping, take them for walks and do household chores for them. We can also prepare their meals and make sure they maintain a nutritious scheduled diet.

Medical Care Services | At Home Care4. Medical assistance. We have Home Health Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants and a Registered Nurse on staff. If your loved one needs help taking medications we can make sure they take their meds as prescribed. In addition, we can take vital signs and monitor the general health of your loved one.

5. Referral services. Although At Home Care provides excellent in-home care services, there are some things we cannot do for your loved one such as provide legal services or financial advice, remodeling in the home or organizing the home. However, we can provide you with an assessment of your loved one’s situation and then give you a referral to a professional that does provide those services.

6. Coordination of care. Home Care has a coordinator who is in constant contact with you and who reviews your loved one’s need for care on a regular basis.

Whatever your needs, we can either provide help directly or direct you to someone who is highly qualified for your situation..

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