Dementia, Work Absenteeism & AHC Employee Assistance Program

The numbers are staggering. Recent Gallup research estimates that American businesses lose more than $25 billion annually in productivity from absenteeism among full-time working caregivers. More than 1 in 7 American workers are active or former caregivers for someone with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. Nearly 70% of those who worked while providing care had to modify their schedules. They went in late, left early, took time off, or used company time to care for a loved one.

“It’s in a business’ best interest to understand that these things are going to happen and prepare for them,” (an assistance program will) “allow employees to focus on their job when they’re at work.”

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) enables employees to be at work and productive while our experienced caregivers provide for their loved ones. Call us for a free consultation 336-218-8757. For the USA Today article, click here..

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