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Slips and Falls Can Be Deadly

by Kim Hayes, AARP, May 19, 2017 With aging comes an increased risk for slip-and-fall accidents, some even resulting in death, as we saw with former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. The newsman died Thursday at the age of 77 following a fall in his bathroom that resulted in a head injury, according to news reports. AARP […]

Seniors remain At Home thanks to Home Care Aides

Some Seniors Remain Home Thanks to Home Care Aides

5 Ways a Reverse Mortgage Can Help

There is a healthy skepticism about reverse mortgages, and that’s not necessarily bad, because people should exercise caution when utilizing debt. But reverse mortgages can improve retirement spending outcomes in a sensible way. Here are five ways a reverse mortgage can improve a retirement income plan: 1. Spending coordination with your portfolio For retirees making […]

4 Tips for Caring for a Loved One With Alzheimer’s

Why In-Home Care?

Why In-Home Care? One survey shows that 90% of seniors want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Your home is where you’re comfortable. It’s what is familiar. It provides comfort. If you move out to an assisted living community or nursing home, you’re starting over. You may have to room with a […]

No Hearing Aid? Some Gizmos Offer Alternative to ‘Speak Up!’

An estimated one zillion older people have a problem like mine. First: We notice age-related hearing loss. A much-anticipated report on hearing health from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine last month put the prevalence at more than 45 percent of those aged 70 to 74, and more than 80 percent among those […]

Aging in Place

When I asked the other three members of my walking group, all of whom are in their mid to upper 70s, whether they had any concerns about future living arrangements, they each said they had none despite the fact that, like me, they live in multistory private homes without elevators and, in two cases, without […]

How to Stop the Alzheimer’s Wandering Crisis

Why Do People with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Wander? Of course it’s difficult to imagine what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s or dementia, but there seem to be three primary causes of wandering for seniors with dementia: 1.Confusion People with Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia can become confused and disoriented about their location and get […]

Volunteer Puppy Love – Raising a Service Dog

Today’s new breed of service dogs provides assistance in a variety of ways beyond their best-known role as escorts for blind companions. They retrieve household objects for people with limited mobility, act as ears for hearing-impaired individuals, monitor children with life-threatening food allergies and more. Some researchers are even exploring the role dogs can play […]

The Language of Aging

The language surrounding aging can be sensitive. The word that’s used for people who have lived more than six or seven decades has changed with time. Bryan Garner wrote in Modern American Usage:   “’Elderly’ began as a euphemism for aged ‘old’, but even ‘elderly’ has now acquired negative connotations. Perhaps ‘senior’, the newest euphemism, […]